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Allow embedding existing content into Posts (other Posts or existing Media)

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    When creating more complex websites, it is often useful to be able to have the same content accessible in several places. In order to avoid duplication of work and content becoming out-of-date, a great option is to embed one piece of content into another.


    • Post with a calendar, embedded in multiple other referencing posts
    • Image or gallery being embedded in multiple Posts
    • Signature or Bio written and updated in one place and embedded in multiple posts
    • etc.

    Right now, this does not seem to be possible in Publii other than by copy/paste or some kludge with IFrames, it would be great to have this functionality natively.

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    You are talking about content snippets. I agree snippets would be a great feature for Publii!

    I tried looking for a work around, but have not found one yet. If I find something, I will post again.

    I vote for this feature. Snippets are important features available in about every other CMS.


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    I absolutely agree.

    I was looking at this actually today, and I thought: wouldn’t it be great to have an image, that I use very often, in the file manager space, and to be able to pull that same image into each post, so it only takes up space once. I now copy the online URL from the first post and add an image that way, to prevent the same one being uploaded 20 or 30 times.

    Such a static content option would be sublime.