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Alternative to Disqus

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    Hi Publii-users,

    Since August, Disqus has remove the choice of disabling their irrelevant and ugly ads from the commenting system. Now, the only way to disable them is to pay, and it’s even pricier than a Netflix subs.

    Kinda crazy.

    So, I was thinking that Publii might need an alternative to Disqus as the primary commenting system. An open-source solution would be better, privacy-focused and faster to load.

    It is a simple thought that I wanted to share with you guys.

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    I don’t like disqus and I’m interested for ethic solutions too. Free if possible…

    Avatar photo[anonymous] has a free plan. It’s the easiest free-ish solution (there’s a limit of 100 comments per month).

    Octomments is free, but you must use Github issues as the source of your comments.

    Remark42 is also free, but you must also manage a Node.js server to use it in your static site (this can be done for free with a cloud solution like Heroku, for example).

    Avatar photoBob


    Just have a look at Wuniversales’s solution  with Graphcomment implementation.

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    and hen there is Isso and HashOver, too.

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    Thanks! Really neat suggestions I’ll test.

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    How about Wuniversales’s solution, can it be still used in newset Publii, EasyBlog theme?

    BTW. I do not see any more Wuniversales’s  how-to do tutorial, is it deleted?