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Amazing Cloudflare

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    Avatar photoRobNZ

    Today I did this.

    Registered a domain with Cloudflare.

    They offered me “Pages” which is static hosting. I accepted.

    I made a Publii test site, exported it as a ZIP file.

    Inside Cloudflare Pages, I uploaded the ZIP file.

    That’s it. Website is working.

    DNS takes up to 48 hours. To do this I went to the menu…

    “Workers & Pages” > “Custom Domains” > “Add a custom domain” and added my domain name. Done !


    Can we get auto uploaded to Cloudflare please?

    Avatar photoRobNZ

    Did I mention that hosting is free ?

    Avatar photoseb_oi


    I have not delved much into the limitations of the free plan.

    Compared to Netlify, in my opinion I think the image lazyload works better or the upload speed itself is better but in this sense Cloudflare is much more recommendable.

    In addition to this, if I’m not mistaken, it has free ddos protection and unlimited bandwidth (which Netlify does not).

    Taking us out of the Github step the implementation is done in a jiffy. They also give a free domain.

    I don’t know what more we can ask for at 0 cost.

    Avatar photoRobNZ

    Simplicity for one 🙂

    I have tried AWS S3, Google, Netlify…

    The first two are WAY too complicated. Just look at how long the Publii setup pages are. Crazy. Good grief, these are just simple static sites !!!

    The biggest downside with Cloudflare that I can see is uploading the static website. It needs to be dome manually from their website (it is fast and easy btw). There is an alternative which is to use a command live uploader that Cloudflare provide but IMO this is too messy.

    If Publii had a built in uploaded for Cloudflare, that would be the best.

    But still, Publii > ZIP file, then Upload button > wait 5 seconds > DONE is a pretty good option.

    Avatar photoTomasz Dziuda

    Please check: 🙂

    Do you appreciate the support you've received today? If so, consider donating to the Publii team by clicking here; we'll be sure to use your donation to make Publii even better!

    Avatar photoRobNZ

    Thanks. I’m not sure that page makes the case clearly that Cloudflare setup is relatively easy…?

    Any change of getting auto-upload added natively into Publii ?

    Avatar photoprivii

    You can auto-upload through a GitHub repository as explained in the docs, but of course that means also having a GitHub account.

    Since direct upload seems to necessitate using Wrangler, perhaps it could be implemented as a plugin.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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