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An error occurred during connecting to the server: Max site size exceeded (10485

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    Hi There,

    wanted to sync my site and getting the error above. Can’t explain that. It worked in the last months. I have for sure no big files or pics.

    Can you help me to understand if this is a bug at Netlify or in Publii. Any idea how to solve?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Is it possible to deploy manually? At least Netlify gives a possibilty. Don’t know whether this works properly.

    In this case I assume the steps would be :

    1. Sync Your Website
    2. Drop and drag site folder into Netlify –> Where is the updated site folder located?
    3. Netlify should manually deploy

    So far the theory. Does this really works this way?


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    The issue is most probably caused by Netlify API – we have reported it to them, but it seems that they do not know what happens in such case.

    You can try to switch to “Manual deploy” option – then you will get folder with your website files which you can zip and upload to Netlify manually. It can also solve your issue with this error during next sync.

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    Where can I find the “manual deploy option”? In Publii? Sorry haven’t done this before.

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    Server -> Protocol -> Manual upload 🙂

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    Great. Thank you. First Step done. 🙂


    Is this the place where I can drag und drop the generated folder??

    Thanks a lot..

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    Yes, just move the file over this area – it will be uploaded and deployed.

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    Thanks a lot.