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Analytics by default?

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    I don’t use Google Analytics nor I used AMP and I have Noscript into the browser blocking everything related to Google Analytics.

    I notice that my website with Publii comes with some script calling Google Analytics (without tracking ID though).

    Is there any reason that Analytics is loading by default?

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    I dont think so. Even I dont use GA or AMP. but did not notice any GA script. any screenshot ?

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    I’ve never noticed it, second that call for a screenshot. More details?


    I use the free version of Clicky to track mine, it’s easy to insert in the Head or Body of a page in Publiis Tools > HTML Section.

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    Oh, I should have taken a screenshot indeed, it’s not here anymore.

    I checked within the code on github and nothing is calling the script, so I guess it was the hosting company or the CDN that injected it when I synced after every change (less than a minute sometimes). It happened for me in the past with free hosting that injected ads and tracking. I wrongly thought it was Publii because it’s nice and free, and I forgot about all the hops.

    It’s not present anymore so it’s fine for me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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