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Backup creation problem

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    Hello Publii world 🙂

    I’m a new user and enjoying the elegant simple efficiency of Publii very much.

    I’ve found a problem however in my backups. In the backups page I have no backed up versions listed. I have the green ‘create backup’ button to the top right; implying there should be at least one backed up file? If I click this button and select create back up in the pop up, the pop just disappears and no backed up version is listed.

    I suspect I’m maybe missing something obvious, but havent managed to find any help searching.

    I’m using <strong data-v-a6099c84=”” data-v-b539cd42=””>Mercury (v. theme.

    Thanks in anticipation!


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    Do you have any files stored under your Publii backup location? Backups folder should be placed in the same directory where sites catalog is stored.

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    Many thanks Tomasz!

    It turned out when I looked in the global settings the location for the backups wasn’t correctly set.

    I know it would be something obvious!