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Bad responsive image generation

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    ​Hi there!
    First, I’m grateful you created Publii, you did a fantastic job. You had a revolutionary vision, and you made it. So thank you for this.
    Currently, I’m using the Mercury template on my website ( with some modifications to the CSS.

    I have some problems with the generated responsive images an the image handling:
    – The generated Large image is not big enough. On my 15′ retina MacBook pro, it’s blurry. So I need to upload a big picture and rename them to the L size format to have a crisp image. This is pretty tiresome. Please add a retina-ready size to the generation process.
    – The image generation algorithm is not the best. The generated images are too big. My uploaded retina ready images are smaller than the generated M size images. Please use a better one. I use, but do a great job too, and it’s opensource.
    – Setting the image properties is not working: like setting the height of the images.
    – The generated preview is often wrong: full or wide size images are displayed left-aligned and small. After uploading, they are okay.

    One more question: do you plan to upload more themes, or can I create a new one to add to the marketplace? If yes, then what is the process?

    Thanks again for your excellent job!


    Avatar photoGeko

    Sorry,  is not as good as tinypng, I was wrong.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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