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Better post organization – Feature Request.

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    Problem – Brains seldom work in proper order. They are often forgetful, scattered, low IQ, and sometimes insane. [cheese eating grin]

    Description: As I make posts, and indeed this is with anyone, I often think of a post that should appear after one post and before another. *Sigh* I make the post, however, there is no good way of making posts appear where I need it. Post IDs are the best way to order posts in this case – not dates or titles.

    Solution: I could add a field with an ID and sort based upon that ID. That is one solution. However, that is cumbersome.

    I suggest being able to select a post within the post list and dragging and dropping it into an organized list that would order the posts as they should appear. Perhaps a “move” option like organizing Roku tiles. You could do this simply by reordering the post IDs as a user organizes their posts. I do this in one of my own CMS designed for automation of large-scale sites. It is only slightly tricky. Create an array, modify the array, then update the table based upon the array. It is generally simple. In your case, using SQLite, it might take more – I don’t know. You are the experts.

    This would be a valuable feature especially for documentation, tutorial, educational, or for any situation where posts should be seen in a particular order.

    Did I make sense? Are you able to pick up what I am putting down?

    I saw at least one post suggesting ordering posts.

    Let me know what you think.


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    I’d also want this

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    I will consider such feature, but most probably as a plugin

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    Yes, I would also welcome this expansion

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    I want to emphasize that this is an important and fundamental feature that really needs to exit.

    The other options are post “sort orders” and not a way to organize posts into a specific order as they need to appear.

    I have a site I am working on that has 45 finished posts. There will be about another 40 or so posts soon including tutorials for using Publii specifically geared toward the needs of small landlords and completely useful to anyone. Each post is to build off the last post. Since peoples brains do not always work in an organize way, for example, ideas come up later that should appear between one post and another, it is impossible to make this happen short of deleting all posts down to where the new post should appear, add your new post, and recreate the deleted posts in order. Failing to do this, what you get is a mess that gets out of hand quickly.

    This is a show stopper!

    This site and others are on hold until I can properly organize the posts. I can hack a PERL script to edit the DB to get this done. I am lucky I can do this. Most of your users will not be able to and will become frustrated with your product and abandon it with no option to order posts that some far less elegant options allow.

    Publii is the best product of it’s kind by far. Please get this done for your users who really do need it.


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    Yes, please! I’ll second the “best in its class” comment above.

    This would be a big help for projects like this one, where currently we’re sorting hundreds of archival letters using the “Post Title” field to organize them by the date of publication: <-sorting by title is clumsy, but it works ok

    I’d love to be able to set the sort order in “Site Settings>Posts Listing>Posts Order By” to a new field in each post, ‘Post Sortorder’, to allow custom ordering as an alternative to the current Post Creation, Post Title, Post Modification, and Post ID fields.

    This change plus the ability to hide/display the new Sortorder field on each post would add significant flexibility.

    Keep up the amazing work!

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    It occurred to me the other day that the solution to this issue may be easier than I thought. The post order will be based upon the query order. Familiar with SQL based databases, the order of the records returned in a table set would match the order of records within the data base table. It may be that SQLite query order may be different, however, I would be willing to bet that the behavior is the same.

    This means that element ids do not need to be changed and only one table needs to be effected. You simply reorder the records in Publii then drop the records within the table and rewrite the records in the table in the preferred order.

    It may be that simple.