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better separation of posts and “pages” – how to?

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    i’m sure i’m not the only one who ran across this issue – the problem is that some sites will have important content as well as less important content and i’m not seeing a clean way of separating them on tag pages

    what i’m after is to have only all “pages” (excluded posts) with a common tag listed in the tag page, then have one more item which links to all the posts with that tag

    the current problem i’m seeing is that the more important content on a given tag page is going to become quickly diluted with tons of posts having the same tag

    i’m not seeing how to work this out without creating a convoluted mess of special tags for “pages” (or posts) – imagine for instance 50 tags – i don’t want all important “pages” to share a common sort of ‘meta’ tag and have them all listed on a single tag page, so given tags like ‘this’ and ‘that’ i’d have to tag pages using those tags with something like ‘p.this’ and ‘p.that’ in order to separate them from posts sharing the same tags – yuck!

    anyone have any ideas???


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    I’m having trouble understanding what you’re trying to achieve and what the issue is. Why can’t you hide the posts/pages that shouldn’t appear in your tag listing? Can you create some kind of mockup or sketch that illustrates what you’re trying to achieve?

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    hiya candidexmedia – ‘hiding’ posts only achieves part of what i’m after

    imagine for example a site with 10 really important posts (“pages” which were excluded from the blog page) and 100 less important posts, all sharing the same tag

    now you want to have a tag page that shows only the 10 most important posts, plus 1 more item that links to the less important blog posts – this way the tag page of important items doesn’t get polluted with the non-important items

    if you ‘hide’ the unimportant posts, then there’s no way to reveal them on any tag page

    here’s an example of how it can be done in WP – this shows 3 pages and 1 more item that links to all the posts with the same tag

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    So you’re looking for a custom “Featured” flag for certain posts/pages, so that when the “Featured” flag is enabled for select posts, they appear above / at the top of their respective tag listing(s) regardless of publish date, correct?

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    not exactly what i was describing, but i think that might be even better – be better still if featured posts were highlighted (had a css class to play with)

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    If you know your way around the dev docs, theme overrides, and theme settings API, you could implement this yourself.

    Add some kind of indicator (like the switcher) to your post settings (via the theme settings API) which will allow you to mark the posts which need to come up at the top.

    Then, edit the tag.hbs file and create a section which only displays the posts that have thee switcher set to true, above the rest of the listings. I recommend looking at the index.hbs of other themes that have featured posts to see what formulas / helpers / handlebars logic is used to cycle through featured posts. Make sure to add a CSS class that you can style in your main.css.