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Binary needs Multi-Threading acceleration

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    It seems the binary – at least on Linux Desktop – is not complied for Multi-Threading acceleration. This will result in large websites – any websites with a hundreds or thousands of blog entries or more – to become a real pain to work with.

    When I run the binary on a very fast latest gen 12 core Intel CPU with a NVMe gen 4 SSD it takes roughly 40 seconds from the time I see the application logo ( meaning the app is launched ) till I see the list of posts.

    Her is a graph indicating the app is single thread:

    As you can see when the app is launched, one CPU core goes to 100%, then the OS switches it to another core and that core goes to 100%, and so on. The graph is a 60 seconds window, so you can see ~40 seconds of launch.

    The problem of course is not limited to launch. When you add content you have to wait another long time for the list to appear.

    I have no idea how difficult it would be to compile, but Multi-Threading acceleration for this binary with ensure it’s usage on larger websites.

    Thank you.

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    I suppose that such behaviour is not connected with being compiled for Multi-threading, but due the code of the app. We will work in this year with some changes which will allow easier work with big websites. For big websites such behaviour can be caused by fact that rendering of big posts lists is currently not optimized – we will solve it with virtual scrolling mechanism