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Block editor doesn’t always save HTML block

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    Its happened enough times that I think it’s a bug of some sort. I’m not sure what causes it except I think it happens more often when I’m making small changes and then hitting save. Then when I go to preview I realize my changes were not actually saved.

    Another thing, I love the block editor but I don’t like how random code gets added around my custom html blocks. For example all of them get a blank

    added around them and in some cases like with the <iframe> tag, it causes Publii to add a div with a post__iframe class that completely ruins the bootstrap ratio class I added around my iframe. In my opinion Publii should not be making changes to the content I added in the HTML block.
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    I will check if I can reproduce such issue – as I understand – you observe that the HTML block in block editor sometimes does not properly store their contents?

    Regarding custom changes in HTML output – Publii does it to handle additional features like GDPR compliance.
    At this moment we have no more reports that it is problematic, but if more and more people will arise it as a problem – we will consider to add an option to disable such modification in website settings.

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    Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce your issue – every time when I use HTML block in the block editor output in preview is the same as in editor.

    In this case I will be able to fix it only if there will be any way to reproduce it