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Blog Post Background Color

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    Is there any place that allows for changing the blog post’s background color?

    Currently, I keep having this show up:


    Avatar photoBob

    Use Custom CSS tool.

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    I have tried that.

    But I don’t seem to get it right:

    Avatar photoBob

    Do not use a `

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    Hi Bob,

    I tried your suggestion and nothing changed.

    Avatar photoBob

    Mate, I just suggested you where and how you should apply your CSS rules. We do not provide a custom work service through the forum, instead, you can use our dedicated service for this type of work

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    [anonymous] wrote:

    Hi Bob,

    I tried your suggestion and nothing changed.

    Use the code below if you are using simple theme ( Go to Tools>CustomCSS>Normal):

    `.post { background:green;}`

    If that does not work ( it worked for me), then you should use the customization service as suggested by Bob.

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    Hey Bob, I don’t understand your aggressiveness.

    I’m new to webdev. I tried the things you suggest and the page background doesn’t change at all. It has nothing to do with asking for a customization service. And asking for help with a single line code is not the same as asking the internet to build my blog for me.  I thought the point of coming here was for support, especially for a piece of software that is supposed to make life easier.

    ajeet’s post did help. Thank you. What I was missing was `.post`

    I have coded my own website from scratch before, but injecting bits of code is something new entirely for me. I defaulted to Publii for the blog portion of it, as I don’t want to have to write down entire pages in HTML/CSS/JS for my non case-studies.

    Again, thanks everyone for trying to help.

    Avatar photoBob

    @energy, I wasn’t aggressive 🙄 , I think you misunderstood my intentions.
    A lot of people ask how to customize their websites, but we are not able to develop the app (it’s free and open-source) and at the same time support this kind of work.
    I just explained to you, that if you need help not directly related to the app, you should use our “Custom Work” service.