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Blogspot import?

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    Avatar phototot29

    Is there any way to import content into Publii from a Blogspot blog? Thanks.

    Avatar photoakickindienutz

    Hi tot29,

    I also had a Blogspot and moved to Publii a year or so ago. The only way (I believe) to import a whole blogspot would be to set up a free WordPress site and import the blogspot posts into it and back it up into a .wxr file, then use the Publii WordPress Importer. Check out the link

    If you don’t have too many Blogger posts the only other alternative I used was to do the following:

    1. Go to your Blogger Posts select the html view <>
    2. Copy your posts html
    3. Go to Publii
    4. Create your new post either Wysiwyg, Block Editor or Markdown
    5. If you use the Wysiwyg Editor select the <> HTML button
    6. Paste in the Blogspot HTML code you copied

    The job should be done, took a while but I guess I only had a hundred or so posts that I wanted to copy over to Publii and refine, guess it all depends on how urgent your need is. I just stuck in a redirect on my blogspot to automatically point users to my new site which now appears to be a bunch slicker and quicker than it was on Blogger.

    Hope the information is helpful, if not I am sure one of the others on this forum can pitch in to advise.

    Regards 🙂




    Avatar phototot29

    Oh wow. I never thought of that WordPress trick! I think I’ll try that. If not, I will do your other suggestion. I do have over 300 posts on blogger, but I’m in no real hurry. Thanks so much for the very helpful suggestions!

    Avatar photoakickindienutz

    No problems, hope it works for u 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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