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[Bug] Wysiwyg editor and “Drop Cap” attribute paragraphs

  • #3822
    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Publii Version 0.36.1 (0.36.1)

    macOS Mojave 10.14.6

    When a paragraph has a drop cap attribute, the cursor is shifted by one character to the right. Example:

    Drop capped paragraph.

    If, for instance, I click between the “c” and the “a” of the word “capped”, the blinking cursor will appear between the two “p”. Whatever I type will take place right after the “c” as expected, so it’s just the blinking cursor that is misplaced by one character and as a consequence it doesn’t correctly represent the place where the text will be added.

    This will happen across the entire paragraph that has the drop cap attribute. This will not happen on paragraphs that don’t have this attribute.

    I tested with the first paragraph of the page having the drop cap attribute.