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Can publii create an online help system website?

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I am a beginner for Publli, and not sure whether  it can be used to create an online help system website? Usually, the menu will be appeared in the left sidebar, and follow the menu catalog to view every post page.

    Avatar photoBob

    Do you mean a website with documentation/knowledge base or help service with the possibility of handling customer reports e.g. ticket system?

    For the first one, Publii is a good choice, just have a look at our documentation pages (,

    The next one needs a dynamic system, so in this case, the Publii won’t help you.

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    Besley, I successfully created an online help system for a Microsoft Access application that was distributed to 100+ schools.  As well as a link to the help system as a whole, each form on the application had a dynamic link to the relevant post in the Publii site.  Using Publii and having the Help system online meant that updating and maintaining it was simple.  Have a look here:

    I used the Documentation theme and can thoroughly recommend it.

    (Having the Help system online didn’t mean the customers read it though!)

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    @Bob, @Christopher Bell, Thanks your reply, it’s really useful information for me.  It’s a documentation/knowledge system, so I need to learn some skills to setup a left navbar, and link every menu to a post. I will try…

    The offcial document website style is my preciate option, Thanks

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    There are two document theme, ProDocs and Documentation in the marketplace:

    Hope there are some customer review comments, so we can choose the suitable theme.