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Cannot FTP my site to server. Need active not passive.

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    An update to proftpd some time ago left me with having to connect using active mode instead of the default of passive mode. All works fine.

    However, there is no such option in Publii to select active rather than passive. It appears to be trying to upload my site using passive mode.

    Is there a way you can add the option to connect and transfer files in active mode?


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    Unfortunately the currently used library does not support active mode, and what is worse – there are no good alternatives, as currently used library is the most popular and seems to have less bugs than other ones 🙁

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    I thought so. **Sigh** I am a retired coder so I know how it goes.

    The proftpd update/change was a security feature. Some feature.

    Oh well, I can still deploy to a directory and ftp the site myself.