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Cannot start Publii

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    Publii 0.42.1 on Windows 11.

    I cannot start Publii anymore. I tried to change the location of my site and after that Publii crashed. I tried to uninstall and install again but I get the same error. I also tried removing Publii install files manually but it did not work.

    Any tips on how I can get it running again? Please see the image in the link to pasteboard for the error.

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    Try renaming %appdata%\publii to something like publii_old and then run Publii again.  I think that’s where Publii stores its preferences.

    (the %appdata% thing is a shortcut to your roaming folder, which is probably: C:\Users\conny\AppData\Roaming)

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    I tried that but I get the same error. I will try on another computer.

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    it seems that the folder c – users – Conny – documents – Mina Bilder is missing. If you have renamed it outside of Publii, this might cause the error…