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Can\'t download a template

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    I’m trying to download the Mercury template but my browsers won’t let me. Similar problem with Firefox and Microsoft Edge.


    Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue

    Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to because this website requires a secure connection.

    What can you do about it? has a security policy called HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), which means that Firefox can only connect to it securely. You can’t add an exception to visit this site.

    The issue is most likely with the website, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it. You can notify the website’s administrator about the problem.


    What can I do?


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    Is the issue still occurs? From which country you are connecting?

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    Yes, it is still happening. I’m located in the US. I tried from the internet, and from the 4G on my phone. Still same result.

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    Hello Tomasz

    I have similar problem. I am from United Kingdom

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    Hey, I tried again this morning and it worked. Thanks for fixing the issue.

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    Today we moved to the new CDN server; here is what the PUSHRCDN (our CDN provider and one of our first sponsor) said about it:

    We have redesigned a lot of backend code, including health checks, failure alerts, configuration files synchronization and other important functions to provide a more reliable and less prone to errors service. Another update which should effectively eliminate the possibility for out of sync errors like the one that caused the issue in the link you have provided is about to be pushed tonight.