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Can’t synchronize to OVH via FTPS or SFTP

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    I’m trying to synchronize my website to an OVH hosting (Kimsufi) but Publii 0.38.2 only allows me to connect via unencrypted FTP. FTPS and SFTP work fine with FileZilla, so I don’t see any problem on OVH’s end. I don’t get any log pertaining to this in the Log viewer.

    Is there anything I can test?

    Thank you!

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    Regarding FTPS – please check if option “Require valid certificate” is disabled.

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    Tomasz Dziuda wrote:

    Regarding FTPS – please check if option “Require valid certificate” is disabled.

    It’s disabled. I get the error in the attached image.

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    @Guenael – I suppose that it seems that your hosting is not compatible with FTP library used in Publii.

    The error is raised by the following condition

    if ((cmd === ‘AUTH TLS’ && code !== 234 && !== true)
    || (cmd===’AUTH SSL’&&code!==334)
    || (cmd===’PBSZ’&&code!==200)
    || (cmd===’PROT’&&code!==200)) {
    Maybe it is caused by the following thing mentioned in this issue:
    Remote-FTP check valid features list. For multiple servers, it was a bad thing to have returned the feature list and included it. But he did not endorse it. That’s why it checks. That is why the PASV is 2x.
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    Hi again Tomasz,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    OVH is the main hosting provider in Europe – hands down. It will be a problem for a lot of people if it doesn’t work with OVH. Should I open an issue on GitHub?



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    Hi Guenael,

    If I correctly see it is a probably first report of this kind of issue with OVH. So it seems that it does not affect such a big part of our userbase.

    Anyway at this moment I cannot do to much with this, because the only solution will be changing the FTP library – but we have to be very careful with this so most probably we will release a plugin with a new library (I have some candidates after a research) and if a bigger userbase will test it, then we will replace the basic one.

    But it is a topic for Q3 2021 at this moment, because we need to allow Publii to use plugins.

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    Thank you for the answer, and for researching this! I’d be happy to help test it if you’re interested.



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    Thank, I have made a note and I will back to you when I will have some solution in form of plugin  🙂