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Capability to Create Non-Blog Websites with Publii

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    <p dir=”auto”>Hello Publii Support,</p>
    <p dir=”auto”>I’ve been getting to grips with the Publii desktop app for website creation and noticed that the themes seem to be blog-centric. Could you please confirm if Publii can also be used to build standard, non-blog websites?</p>
    <p dir=”auto”>If possible, guidance on the process or the appropriate themes for such websites would be greatly appreciated.</p>
    <p dir=”auto”>Thank you for your assistance.</p>

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    I suggest to wait few weeks when v.0.45 will be released – then process of creating non-blog websites will be much easier than now with use of the hidden posts as subpages

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    That’s fantastic! I also hope that you will offer a wider range of premium themes suitable for building websites other than blogs.

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    @publiie – FYI – we must postpone this feature to v.0.46, because in v.0.45 we have to implement support for Google Consent Mode v2 and release it in half of February what shortens the period of work with v.0.45. Also we want to add few more features which will allow use to built more complete websites which are not a typical blogs. Sorry for confusion, but we are actively working with the pages feature and it is a big task – we still discover more dependencies which must be addressed.

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    Ok thanks for the update