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Change Editors?

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    Avatar photoKahomono

    Is there any way to change which editor is being used for a post in progress?

    I have a long draft I want to switch from Block to WYSIWYG….


    Avatar photoitips3727


    No, I don’t believe you can change editors mid-stream. Check out:

    Though if you’ve created or part-created a page or post with say, the Block editor, you could copy the entire HTML, then create a new page with the WYSIWYG editor, choose the HTML code view and paste your code in there. Perhaps give your new page a temporary slightly different name, then save. Check that your WYSIWYG editor page displays okay using Preview. Assuming it does, I would probably just close that page, then go back to your Block editor page version, double-check if there are any other settings you want. If there are, copy those somewhere temporarily — in a plain text file. Then close your Block editor page version and delete it. Go back to your WYSIWYG page version and add in any missing bits, then change the page name back to what you want it to be called. You might want to also check if any SEO settings are correct too.

    While the above might seem lengthy, in practice, you can probably do this in about a minute.

    Avatar photoKahomono

    Thanks!  I will remember to use the editor i really want from the beginning 😎

    Avatar photoKahomono

    I just started playing around with adding a post content as direct HTML in WYSIWYG.  Love it!

    Thanks for a bangin’ tool.  Off to figure out how I can contribute.

    Avatar photoKahomono


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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