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Change text color on logo field

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    Sorry for my question which may be stupid but I can’t solve it
    Theme used: Persona free
    System: Windows 10
    Problem changing color of Logo field
    I need to change the color of the logo field. The logo in my case does not exist is the name of the site that will be displayed I think in the various fonts that everyone has on their computer. How do I make it Blue or red in color? If I change in the theme the color of the text does not correct it always remains black. Is there any simple solution without putting hands on the code or if I have to do it is it a simple thing? Can anyone suggest me an example? I don’t want to use an image file for the logo

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    In Theme > Settings the color that affects it is Dark. If you change that, the logo text color should change.

    But it would also change a few other things. So if you only want to change the logo text color, you can use custom CSS.

    Go to Tools & Plugins > Custom CSS and paste in this:

    .logo {
     color: blue !important;   

    Replace blue with the color hex code you want.

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    Thanks done and it works great
    I think though when I do an eventual theme update I need to remember to remodify it. Is this correct?
    I need to learn use of the overdrive file so that the update does not take me too much work also in view of other small changes.
    Thank you very much.

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    Good morning
    I cannot change the colour of the text in the logo field after the various updates as you have already suggested and it worked before. Now it no longer does. It worked before, has something changed or is the input different? Thank you

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    Good morning
    Sorry, but I could not solve the problem. I have reinstalled everything and tried it out even with a completely new site. Could you help me in telling me where I am going wrong? Or has some reference actually changed with the new versions?
    Thank you

    Avatar photoBob

    Could you please provide the URL to your site? Then, I will be able to check it out for you.

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    Thanks for the reply Bob just that the site is not yet published but in the preview it does not change colour? Maybe because I have to publish it to see the result?
    Only before I could see the change even on the preview

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    As long as you use the !important flag it should work. It’s necessary because the original rule also has an !important flag:

    color: var(--dark) !important;

    But custom CSS comes later in the stylesheet, so it should take precedence.

    I have no idea why it would stop working, but I’m sure someone here can solve it if you link your site.

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    Good evening
    Sorry but I found out what the error was that it was mine I did not indicate the # character on the color code but indicated only 0000aa and not #0000aa as corrected.
    I apologize. Thank you all have been very kind. Carlos

    Avatar photoBob