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Change the appearance of a paragraph

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    My knowledge of css is almost non-existent, which leads me to a question.
    I’d like to change the appearance of a particular paragraph on a page, so that it uses a small font.
    In Custom CSS, I’ve added :

    .p petits_caracteres {
      font-size: small; !important;

    In the html code of my page, I’ve added the class as :

    <p class="petits_caracteres">Année : 1938<br>Numéro de série : 14 187<br>Format : 6 x 9 cm<br>Objectif : Anastigmat Lumière Déposé f/8,5<br>Mise au point : ???<br>Diaphragmes : 8,5 12 16<br>Monture : fixe<br>Viseur(s) :</p>

    But in preview or after synchronizing my site, these changes don’t appear.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Avatar photoBob

    This way:

    .petits_caracteres {
      font-size: small;
    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Many thanks !!