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Changed where Publii stores files (Site locations), now Themes won’t work

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    I understand Publii had the Publii folder where it stores all the apps; and then there is the main theme page


    My main drive is “C” , I use an external, portable harddrive “E”  as the site location.

    Part I.

    1. Publii is installed on the  default “C”. And Publii put everything into Documents/Publii/Themes
    2. In app settings > File Settings > Site Locations: I changed site folder location to (E), I also changed the backup locations to (E)
    3. I closed the app and opened it, everything was fine. Publii registered the sites, BUT, my Themes no longer showed.
    4. I check and find that all Publii’s settings are still located in Documents/Publii/ and the only thing that has changed is the ‘sites’
    5. To test I move everything back to the main Publii/Themes, and the themes work again.
    6. I decided to set it up so only back-ups go to the “E” drive, but the site generated didn’t have the themes with it :-/

    Part II

    1. In app settings > file settings > site locations, I again change the site folder to “E”, and close the app.
    2. This time Publii asks me to create a new site when opening and doesn’t register the new site location as it did last time.
    3. The app-config.json is still located in the default C. publii/themes file and yet I see it points correctly to the site location “E” directory. (and) the upper right three dots > app settings > also point to this “E” directory. So everything is pointing to the directory I’d like it to go to.
    4. The only way to fix this was to delete the old ‘site’ and create an entire new one (starting over) [Note: Since I have no content this didn’t bother me, but would have been a disaster if it did have content, considering Publii deletes it’s directories and I wouldn’t have known how to import the backup html files which get deleted if located in the same default output file]

    I realize now that whenever I move Publii site outside of the default Publii directory. Publii correctly moves the site to the new folder but fails to move itself to the folder too, and sometimes fails to register the new site location. I’m not sure how to fix this without going into the main “C” directory (Publii’s main files) and am not sure what I would change to correct this.

    In theory even if Publii decided to keep it’s main files on my C drive, because the App’s Config Settings are pointing to the “E” drive in the Files Location > Sites Location, it should still be able to function the same.

    How do I tell Publii to move it’s entire self to my chosen drive?

    Or at the very least send it’s themes to that location so that the ‘site’ can reference it appropriately.