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Changing destination folder without cleaning up before moving

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    My Publii folder is synchronized by Nextcloud Desktop. When installing Publii on a new device and changing the site location, the “destination folder will be cleaned up before moving” the site files. I don’t wont’t to move the site files. I just want to change the folder, because may sites are already on the folder I want to change to. How do I solve this challenge?


    I found a solution:

    1. Installing Publii
    2. Start Publii
    3. Cancel Publii when asked for the name of the new website
    4. Copying the “sites” folder from the original source to the Publii folder of the new installation
    5. Start Publli
    6. App Settings -> Files location -> Change the sites location to the to the old destination source (see step 4)

    That’ it! (Publii deletes the folders in the original source an copies the files from the standard Publli folder to the original source folder (step 4)).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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