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Changing the default tag listing display sequence in Publii

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    In a Publii v.0.35.2 (build 12011) Beta website that uses the “Editorial” theme, imagine there is a main menu item set to display a tag listing, using “Tag A”, in “Title order, ascending”.

    So the “section” page will contain multiple small image links to, say, about 50 posts / web pages arranged in 3 columns with 12 “Tag A” listings per page, each of which, when clicked leads to its relevant main post web page.

    However, also imagine, in addition:

    – 10 of the 50 posts have a “Tag B” too.
    – Another 10 of the 50 posts also have “Tag C”
    – Another 10 of the 50 posts also have “Tag D”
    – Another 10 of the 50 posts also have “Tag E”

    By default, all of the 50 posts are displayed as governed by “Tag A”, title order, ascending.

    However, is it possible to change the default order of listing to create a layout like:

    – “Tag E” listings displayed first / at the top of the section.
    – Then “Tag C” listings next below “Tag E”.
    – Followed by “Tag D” listings at the bottom of the list.

    Is there a way to set which tags display first, second, third?

    Or is this feature planned for a later upgrade?

    In the meantime, thank you for any suggestions.

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    Perhaps my previous outline is too complicated to understand.

    Here’s another way to ask:

    If we look at the demo at: – this is what I refer to as a “section listing page” based on a mix of tags. The main tag is called “Blogging”, but most likely, each of the posts that make up this “section listing” have other tags on their posts / pages too.

    So my question: is it possible to arrange that certain tagged items appear first in the listing at the top, followed by another group of tagged items?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone.

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    Unfortunately it is not possible in any easy way which I know. It requires a bigger custom work and it is a quite niche case which at this moment is not considered as a core functionality of Publii.

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    I’m also interested in the possibility of changing the order in which the tags are generated in the “Tags page”.

    for example:
    I would like to have the same choices as for the order of the articles.

    => generate by ID, by name, in what order, etc.

    Thank you