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checkIf date do not work

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    I have problem comparing diffrent dates.

    // this do not work, result always false.
    {{#checkIf (date createdAt) '!=' (date modifiedAt)}}
    // this does work, but I want to have true only if it has been edited on a later day.
    {{#checkIf createdAt '!=' modifiedAt}}
    // the full code.
    {{#checkIf (date createdAt) '!=' (date modifiedAt)}}
            - Last edit
      <time datetime="{{date modifiedAt 'YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm'}}">{{date modifiedAt}}</time>
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    Unfortunately use of the date helper as subexpression currently is not possible due fact, that it returns SafeString object – that’s why you get always false.

    In v.0.39 I will add a third param for the date helper, which will allow developers to return raw data from the date helper: