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Checking in on version 0.45

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    Excited to see some of the new features.  Just check in to see how it is coming along.  Thanks so much for your diligent work.  I know this is not your day job.

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    In v.0.45 we have plan to:

    * introduce resume for deployment process
    * add few additional improvement in the deployment process for more stability (also new FTP library as an experimental feature)
    * add separation of posts and pages
    * add symlinks usage for media catalog for faster preview builds on big websites
    * add virtual scrolling for better performance on big websites
    * add support for images in the repeater field

    Of course this list can change and some features can be postponed to v.0.46 – we want to deliver new version by the end of January or at the beginning of February

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    Hello, Lately Publii seems to be limiting me in some ways.
    1: (Very Important): Search engine, according to the documentation and the plugins the only search engines that can be integrated are (Algolia) (Google Search), Obviously it is ruled out that the Google search does not show the results until Google indexes the content and it usually takes too many days or weeks, and when it is indexed it does not show all the content and has too many advertising. As for ALGOLIA, it is impossible to integrate it as already planned according to the documentation and according to other manuals and guides of Algolia itself.

    The only plugin that works is the paid demo.
    I hope you can review or update the Algolia integration documentation, or perhaps some other solution, I have a blog that is getting bigger and not having a search engine worries me.

    2: Export content: At first when I started using Publii I found it great and very intuitive to use, but as my project grew I ran into some problems, for example:

    – I wanted to replicate my site and bring the publications to another CMS (There is no option in publii)

    That led me to think that if at some point my blog starts to grow more and more and at some point I want to move to another CMS, it would be very difficult to do so for a person with intermediate knowledge of codes to be able to export massively. .

    In that aspect I feel imprisoned and destined to use Publii forever. Lately I have doubts about continuing to use Publii.
    I hope you can take my position into account, and I think I am not the only one with these 2 drawbacks.

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    I would add multilingual 🙂 which currently stops many customers from using P.

    Export content could be a very interesting option in the future for all projects that aim to grow by overcoming some of the limitations of the static web.
    For example, a personal blog could be successful, a freelancer could expand, a company could increase its web services.
    At a certain point it might be interesting to move to a dynamic site: community, reserved areas, e-commerce, paid services, etc.

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    Export option is now becoming a needed option, as Multi-Threading still is not implemented in version 0.44 and it seems won’t be implemented in version 0.45

    If publii developers continue to ignore the pain of large site operators, there is no way except migrating out of publii for any site that has +5000 posts.

    Guys, PLEASE enable multi-threading for your binary! This is killing us.

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    @Redacted – if you have any idea how to enable multi-threading on Linux, please let us to know. I have did not found any simple way to do it :/

    Regarding Export – at this moment it is not a big problem as earlier – just use this file: and ask Chat GPT or any preferred tool to write a script which will export contents of your website SQLite file to your preferred format.

    But yes, it is a topic which should be addressed in nearest releases (probably v.0.46) – I will add it to my task. Especially due this initiative:

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    Tomasz Dziuda wrote:

    @Redacted – if you have any idea how to enable multi-threading on Linux, please let us to know. I have did not found any simple way to do it :/


    1: Do you mean non Linux versions (i.e. Windows) support multi-threading? If yes, I can immediately move our Publii production to a Windows machine.

    2: I did look at the Git repo but as I am not a coder, I did not understood how do you compile and package the binary in Linux. If you care to elaborate a bit or even point me to an existing Git issue, I can ask a friend to take a look and maybe we can get some hints on how to proceed…