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clone or copy site

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    Could you please add a clone or copy function, in order to clone the entire site.

    Could be added also in the “create new website ” view as importe site function


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    entire site can be cloned via backup or what do you mean ?

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    let’s say I want to create a new site from a current version. I’m not sure to be able to do that from a backup.
    Backups are meant to be attached to an existing site.

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    Duplication outside Publii is indeed quite easy, but I agree that a real ‘Clone’ function inside the app would be ‘nice to have’. So if you have some time to spare 😉

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    It would be nice to be able to do mirrors too. Adding more than one source for example

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    I don’t understand?

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    I’m going to try better explanation. It should maybe be a full new post. But it would be nice to have multiple server settings and fast switching to them. It’s kinda weird but you might want to host your site on mirrors. This could be useful to avoid censorship or target multiple networks.

    IE : I want to publish a site available in my free country, and then mirror it to a tor server and maybe to a server that can be accessed from china and on an other that can be accessed from other “enemies of internet”.

    In the current state, I have to edit manually the server settings each time. I know you’ll have to render all html files each times but I think that’s already done each time you publish a site.