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Comments only via Disqus?

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    I plan to make some WP sites static. Just one question:

    Is Disqus (currently) the only comment system on Publii?





    I think so, but check out this thread:

    ‘By the end of this year, Publi will support the plugin system, so the next comment systems will also.’


    Thanks. I saw that.
    Can one actually mix WordPress and the Publii static twin? Something like this scenario:

    1. (static site with comments in it)
    2. Have a “post comment” link that brings you to the wordpress twin site
    3. On click go to the wordpress site and leave a comment
    4. Then comment will go live upon manual update (no big deal since most is SPAM anyway)

    Sort of best of both worlds. Sounds possible, or?

    (I rarely get legit comments anyway and a few days delay are no problem at all for me)







    Update (which closes my question): I will use GraphComment manually. Looks perfect to me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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