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Common themes features

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    Good morning,

    I’m choosing the theme, I’m undecided between
    editorial and ProDocs.
    The ideal for me would be to have structure and the menu of the second with the layout of the editorial in the main body.
    I ask you a kind clarification on these matters:
    – is it possible to have “pro typhography” characters available in the ProDocs theme in the Editorial theme?
    – By purchasing one of What is the freedom to customize the structure and graphics? Is it possible to make a hybrid between two themes?
    – In the three months of support can I ask for help to get the result I have in mind, so also structural and graphic customization, or is the support only for strictly technical problems to put the site online?

    Thank you and best regards,

    Avatar photoBob


    Mixing themes is not so easy – it is possible but requires some technical knowledge. The premium support does not include any customization work; instead, you can use our service

    PS: Please don’t post any spam links in your topics.

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi, Bob,

    thank you for your answer.
    I’m sorry about the translator link. I didn’t mean to put it there. As soon as I noticed it I tried to change the message but the option was disabled.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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