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Completely disable author pages?

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    Avatar photomichaell

    Is there a way to completely disable author pages?

    I know that themes can say they don’t support author pages. What I mean is: I’m using the Simple theme, and I’d like to prevent the generation of author pages in that theme.

    I’ve tried enabling these disable switches (!) in Site settings, under SEO, but that didn’t work; author pages are still being generated:

    • Disable authors pagination indexing
    • Disable authors pagination

    Btw, it’s isn’t clear here whether “pagination” here means “paginating the list of authors,” or if it means “generating author pages.”


    Avatar photoBob

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    Avatar photomichaell

    I did see that before posting — it’s why I mentioned turning authors off in themes — but I think I misunderstood it.

    I was assuming that I’d have to create a new theme in order to change the flags. I think you’re saying that I can change the flags in my local copy of the theme?

    OK, I’ll try that.

    Thank you!


    Avatar photomichaell

    I also see that computed options allow a template to dynamically decide whether or not to render things like author pages.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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