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Congratulate the team!

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    This post may get Bob upset with me, but, I wanted to congratulate the team.

    I have secretly been using the .36 pre release 5 on a live site. There Bob, I said it. It worked great.

    In fact, My SEO from Google Webmasters view is amazing. I am getting double the traffic, which im sure is due to my 100/100 page speed score because I use Publii.

    You guys have made an amazing product. I love the speed, ease of use, seo etc.

    Great Job and try not to be too upset with me Bob. I did update to .36 Stable and updated all the themes I use, so now i’m fully compliant!

    Great work, please reply with a donate link and ill send some money!

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    scotdill – thank you for your warm words about Publii 🙂 v.0.36 is in fact a big release and take so long to prepare, but I think it was worth to wait for it 🙂 Further releases should be more often and should contain smaller incremental updates 🙂

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    Thank you,


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    Congratulations to the team! I am really excited by this new release.

    It simply makes you want to develop web sites!

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    Hello Bob and Tomasz,

    Congratulation with this great new release!!

    I already upgraded to this new release and the first impression is that it works fine! I’m especially happy that if you add HTML-code to a block in the Block-editor, the HTML-code stays visible. This way the user knows that the added code is there.

    There is one thing that confuses me. In the announcement you write: “Publii’s development has been flying along at a brisk pace, and we’re edging closer to our first full, non-beta release.” It seems to suggest that version 0.36 is a beta release but the way I see it, it is a stable release. Can you clarify on that?

    Somewhere in the coming weeks I will start with building a third website with Publii!


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    Overall a great release. I donate monthly, glad to see it’s helping. The three site I maintain in publii work great with 0.36.

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    I just completed upgrading all my sites from v35. Great work on the block editor! First impressions regarding the overall interface is that Publii is far more snappy and responsive that the previous version.

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    Publii is a great software and I love working with it. I have done a business directory with it. The Team is doing a great work. There is nothing better out there.

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    Congratulations! Been waiting for this update before putting together my new site – good work guys!.