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Control over new articles by creating Merge Requests/Pull Requests

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    I’d like to use Publii for a small no-profit newspaper, and it looks great for non-technical users, compared to writing markdown by hand.

    Is there a way to have some control over what a user publishes?
    I’d like for them to create Pull Requests/Merge Requests, so I can review them.

    I could make Publii push to a `staging` branch and then hack something that creates PR/MR automatically from `staging` to `main` once a new push is detected, but I wanted to hear if this was somehow supported. If such functionality can be added as a plugin I could work on it.

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    Hey there! This is an interesting feature request. Hopefully the devs can propose a workaround, or someone can create a plugin for it.

    Is the idea to have multiple people adding posts to Publii simultaneously? If so, I was under the impression that this wasn’t possible because of the way the database is set up. Having multiple users on Publii is tricky.

    You could try setting up the staging side of things using your server configuration. For example, here’s how staging and branching is managed in Netlify:

    That said, you would still need to go back to Publii to remove or edit a post.

    The best thing for now would be to assign an Editorial/Content Coordinator who could review content before it gets added to Publii (if that’s not already done).