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Convert posts from WYSIWYG editor to Block Editor?

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    Is it possible to convert posts which were created in the default TinyMCE editor to the block editor or even to the markdown one?

    (the reason I’m asking is because I am super impressed with the block editor and also that the TinyMCE editor doesn’t seem to save image data if you try to go back and edit images – all the inputs are blank if you select the image and then click on the add image icon to summon the image edit dialog)

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    AFAIK: impossible to convert from one editor to the other, but what I often do in these cases is Preview the post in my browser and copy-paste the text into my editor of choice. It doesn’t work well for images and won’t transfer metadata like tags and slugs, but it should keep mos of the formatting intact. Alternately, if you know what you’re doing, you could also edit the sqlite file to quickly copy-paste metadata.

    Point #2 sounds like a bug that should be filed at

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    That’s not a bad idea. Thought of something else that I thought of too – Pandoc is a document converter (Windows/macOS/Linux) that can be used to take the html files generated and convert them to markdown.

    What works well too is to open the HTML file from the “Outputs” directory and copy the HTML from the beginning of the post content to the end and past it in online converter “ConvertSimple” and then past that in Publii’s markdown editor.

    Guess the only caveat then is to create a new post with the above methods in a markdown editor and copy all the metadata from the original WYSIWYG post, especially the slug/URL etc and then once done trash the WYSIWYG post.