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Create Full Width Homepages

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    Avatar photorobertzo

    I know how to create a page and make it the homepage on Publii. However how would you make the page full-width like in WordPress?

    Avatar photoBregenbitter

    Having the same issues, but the theme has its own places where you can change the visual settings.Which theme are you using?

    Avatar photoseb_oi

    I don’t think you need to completely remove the margins from the entire website, unless your goal is to reuse a css assembled without margins. Without paddings and margins the page will look worse.

    As a trick you can right click anywhere on the web and find where the margin is being invoked (possibly in a div at the top of the code).

    What I do in my pages is to remove the margins only for some sections of the web. It is not the best way but it is a solution. I attach an image for you to see how it works.

    You can see the example directly inspecting the element in this web

    `margin-left: -6rem; margin-right: -6rem; padding-left: 6rem; padding-right: 6rem;`


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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