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Custom URL path for posts

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    I was wondering if URL can be customized to have a path. For example to make a path like car/tesla/models for a certain post.

    From what I’ve seen this is not possible, but can it be made in the future ? Mostly the reason is for SEO, as search engines use this URL path for their algorithms.


    Avatar photolich2king

    Also for tags, it would be good if tags can have parents and if it has a parent, it’s tag url to be parent_tag/tag/

    Avatar photoitips3727


    Publii seems to be a lot smarter than needing a URL path šŸ™‚ As far as I am aware, the latest, best SEO thinking is to minimise the length of URLs, not make them longer and build in your keywords using content and tags. One of the best ways of doing that is to have the domain name then the page name — which is exactly what Publii does. So or if you opt to not use the .html ending, you would have

    Though Publii uses tag names, so in your instance, you might want tags names like Cars, Tesla, Models, etc., then Publii would automatically convert those tag names to lower case where necessary (for example in a tag page or a tags page). So you could perhaps have URLs like,, and, and so on.

    One other addition you might want to consider to enhance your SEO is to use a theme that has breadcrumb navigation, for example:Ā  . Why: when done correctly, this breadcrumb navigation adds ‘microdata’ to your pages, etc. You can choose a Publii theme that already includes breadcrumb navigation or you can add it as a theme overrideĀ

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    Also, take a look at this resource:

    Do you appreciate the support you've received today? If so, consider donating to the Publii team by clicking here; we'll be sure to use your donation to make Publii even better!

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    There’s a new SEO concept now: topical authority. Which is important to make a hierarchy out of the content. Small URL length is also important. But according to topical authority, URL can be used to give the hierarchy information to google. You can look more into it by searching on google for “topical map” and “topical authority seo”. Some websites with good topical authority:

    URL path is also used in topical authority. This helps google to understand the hierarchy and the relevant topics for the niche.

    To support this, we should be able to have urls like

    Avatar photoitips3727


    It seems hierarchical URLs and URL chains have been on the go in SEO for … decades. I guess things change and sometimes turn full circle again.

    According to one renowned source, topical authority is ‘A measure of authority you earn through quality content.’

    I forgot the link @Bob mentioned above which best explains about how links work in Publii.

    Though, from what I’ve experienced, search engines like Google have no trouble understanding a well-structured Publii site — probably due to the use of tags, simplicity, etc. Also, thankfully, the premium Publii themes seem to help a lot with the ‘heavy lifting’ SEO stuff, etc. And in combination with the tags, even more exotic URL chains become possible.

    Of course, for business websites, the goal is to build connections with end users — encourage them to buy — or we don’t have a business. In the past, I had a probably overly strong interest in SEO, so I found it was easy to focus too much of my time on SEO and forget the business / people side of working with websites. One of the benefit I like about Publii is that most of the SEO work is already done in the premium build themes and so long as I get the setups right and follow their content build help information and tips, any new content pages can follow the same thread.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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