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Deploy on google cloud

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    good afternoon
    Please tell me, has anyone deployed a site on Google Cloud?
    are there any ready-made instructions?
    Thank you

    Avatar photoBob
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    Quite tedious to set up, but works fine once it’s online & configured.


    • It’s not free (but very cheap)
    • After deploying, somehow it takes a few hours for your changes to become visible (remote caching? delayed propagation of changes to servers?
    • There’s no way of making your website https://, only http://

    I hate Google as a matter of principle, but I’m stuck with it because Netlify doesn’t support such big website as mine.

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    Share the link to the site – if it is not secret

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    Not secret, but it’s in Dutch – you may not understand 🙂

    A website dedicated to the history of my dad’s home village.

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    Great site))
    I just thought to see something for a couple of thousand pages))

    Avatar photoBob

    I also like it, especially the old school style of the photos; they are unique and exciting.

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    (Strange, some of my posts are not automatically published here? #1186 took 3 weeks to get published – I just posted a reply and it’s nowhere to be found)

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    Thanks for the compliment! In fact the website is bigger than meets the eye at first sight. There’s for instance a genealogical module with over 60.000 individuals between 1500 and 1800, along with their family situation (800 pages, generated outside Publii):

    There are also 160+ pages with summaries of village archives:

    And also 150+ biographies of priests and nuns that were born in the village.

    From a Publii-perspective, there are in fact 13 websites, each in their own subfolder. Netlify doesn’t allow me to deploy directly into subfolders, but Google Cloud does.

    This was all previously managed in Google Sites, but now in Publii. Publii puts me in control of my own data again. Thank you so much, Bob & the rest of the team!

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    Yes- did not notice at first glance))
    Well, I like this place.
    Who should I write to get the citizenship of this wonderful village and a passport?

    I only do not really like the menu
    here for example
    white on a light background is not visible
    I saw something like there is such an extension for WordPress (which changes the color of the menu depending on the background color to contrast) – but I think this is unrealistic on flat-file systems.

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    In fact, Publii darkens these hero images by default (Simple Theme, Hero Section, Background Overlay) and the level of darkness is configurable. On my screen it looks good but maybe not on all screens. Thanks for the tip!

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    Mathias, try Google Firebase. Free web hosting with HTTPS. Great for static sites.

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    Thanks for the tip. Looks like it’s not supported natively by Publii, but I suppose I could upload manually. The fact that is supports https definitely makes it worth considering.

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    Publii will let you save as a ‘Manual Deployment’ (uncompressed files). Move that folder into your Firebase ‘Public’ folder and deploy.

    I am with Netlify but am changing to Firebase after testing worked out OK.

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    Hi VoxNumana,

    What is the advantage of Firebase to Netlify?


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    There is no support on the Netlify free plan. I have integrated Ezoic ad platform and my site was unreachable and couldn’t get help to rectify it at Ezoic. So I looked for a different host.