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Developing Themes to Sell

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hello! I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Publii in the time that I’ve been using it, especially with the EasyBlog theme that I purchased. I find making custom modifications to its code-side fairly intuitive, and the CMS to be a really fluid experience.

    I’m curious – hypothetically, if I wanted to develop entirely custom themes for clients or to sell, would that be acceptable? I always have trouble understanding the finer print of legalese, so even if it’s a pointer to where I could find this information in the terms and conditions, I would really appreciate it!

    Avatar photoBob

    Hi Terrence604,

    As you can see, we do not sell licenses (commercial, personal, etc.), why? Because we don’t create any barriers to using our themes, you can build a website for yourself as well as for your commercial clients.
    The only restriction is that you cannot sell/resell our themes.

    More detailed information you can find in our Terms & Conditions, especially in point eight.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Thank you so much for your clarification Bob, I appreciate you taking the time to reply! I’m looking forward to exploring more of what Publii has to offer, and who knows, maybe something more will come in the future 😀

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi Bob! Are there any plans to open up the theme marketplace to external members of the Publii community who want to develop themes and either give them away for free or sell them (with Publii taking a percentage, for example)? I have also really enjoyed customizing the themes.