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Disqus api ERR_Failed 403 error

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    Hey there,  I have been using the disqus plugin, everything works fine on my webpage but when I inspect the page I get the following error
    ”main.js?attr=7e-W95X8GB3-JyP5PiLWiEc0o9dSQtQUInuH_qym4CtUpGC099JbfzXwV_LC_iQ-V8WXsyK0edztlle24B1I6J2WrsjVfwC9C222oYBmBaQ3FwlU8N5d_SMUEtOTw9MwSJ9yIeZORUo4t2WGiK-g1vf1bM97riH7SQZxDP-Mj9E:2763 POST net::ERR_FAILED 403 (Forbidden)”

    Does anyone have any ideas on what’s causing this?

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    I think it is an issue to consult with Disqus support as it looks like an issue with their API.