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Disqus comment has hidden

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi admin,

    I had use Taste theme for my website and I don’t understand why the Disqus comment has hidden. I had enabled comment in the post but it’s inactive

    How I can enable it?

    Please help me fix it. Thank you so much

    Avatar photoBob

    Do you have enabled a comment in the Post 0ptions? In addition to specifying a shortname in the Comments settings, you should also enable this option in the Post 0ptions.


    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Yes, I had enabled in Post Option and every post. But the Disqus also inactive, I don’t understand

    Avatar photoBob

    If you provided Disqus shortname in the theme settings and the comments are enabled in post options it should work.

    If it still does not work as except you can use our service