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Distinct RSS Feeds for Each Tag

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    Hi everyone!

    I had a feature suggestion for the RSS Feeds: having the ability to enable and disable feeds for each tag. Some readers may only be interested in getting updates on articles from a certain category, and this could be a nice way of automating the process without manually creating a newsletter.

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    To be honest – we should implement it in this case also for authors. It will generate 2 additional files (XML and JSON feed) for every tag/author, which also will be updated quite often (with every change of tag/author page content).

    Maybe in the future as a plugin. But it will require more users interesed in such feature. In fact I think that RSS is slowly dying and less and less people are using it :/

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    Thanks for getting back to me Tomasz! I totally understand waiting to see if others are interested, and agree that this could apply to authors too.

    This may be anecdotal, but I’ve noticed that many people are revisiting RSS feeds. There was even a discussion in this forum not too long ago about using Publii’s RSS function to manage podcast syndication ( and I don’t think podcasts are dying any time soon.

    In any case: my interest in RSS feeds for each tag is primarily to automate category-based newsletter segments/subscriptions for a blog.

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    I‘m seconding this; in my bubble people are revisiting RSS, too. It has become really popular again after Elon‘s Twitter fiasco and everyone fleeing to Mastodon. Suddenly people ask what other options they have to distribute or consume content, away from commercial platforms. And we oldtimers are being asked how we did it in the olden days of blogging. This might be anecdotal, but if it‘s not too much of a hassle for you, I‘d vote for this feature.

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    +1 for this FR.
    I also feel like RSS isn’t dead at all.

    My use cases:

    • A seperate open-source feed, e.g. for participating in an open-source blog network
    • A seperate language feed, e.g. English, German etc accomodating for readers of any given language; I implemented support for different languages based on tags on my blog
    • A seperate feed for main tags (known as categories in WP), so readers can filter out anything else, for example my readers might only be interested in my Publii-tagged articles

    In my case, tag-based feeds would be quite suffient and quite welcome. Also, I’ve seen many WP-refugees being confused by the lack oft this feature, since it is ubiquitous there.

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    You can use an external tool to achieve distinct feeds based on different tags:

    I wrote an article about Publii and Pipes:

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    Thanks for sharing, Gyges! I appreciate the introduction this tool. Is there a step-by-step walkthrough of how to implement this tool in Publii? I still don’t fully understand how this Pipes works and how to connect it to Publii to generate unique RSS feeds for each tag…

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    @<span class=”f-author-name”>candidexmedia</span> Pipes takes your full-sized feed from your server and offers to filter it in many ways before spitting the new feed out.
    The new feed is then offered by a link like that:
    I use it to hide english articles from a German blog network.
    I think it’s rather meant for feed distributing than integrations in other software.

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    Hi Gyges, I still don’t fully understand how Pipes is meant to work in this context. Once you add a feed node, and then add a filter node, how are you supposed to specify which tag you want? Are you meant to enter the tag name as a keyword? Are you supposed to search in all fields of the filter node? Are there any other other nodes to add besides the feed node and filter node?

    These details are missing from the write-up and video. Perhaps you could share a screenshot of how you set up your Pipes to get the resulting feed.

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    it’s easy once you got it.


    Just enter the desired tag name and in the “search in Fields” dropdown choose “item.category”. The pipe output would then consist only of posts matching that tag.

    To my understanding checking the “block found items” box turns the table and would only remove posts matching that tag.

    Filtering by is possible as well.

    The disadvantage of this solution is that you got an external URL for those particular feeds unless you download the resulting .rss file and put it on your server, but this feed wouldn’t update hence being only suitable for archived areas of you site. Nonetheless, you get different feeds to use in different places, e.g. aggregators, mastodon, SIG etc.

    Hope I could help!

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    Thanks Gyges! I’ll give that a try for now until Publii offers the feature.

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    Tomasz Dziuda wrote:

    In fact I think that RSS is slowly dying…

    i suspect usage has slowed down, but i don’t think it’s dying, not at all, and given the sad state of affairs in the world today, i think news feeds are more important than ever IF one wants to keep up with current affairs (and i sure don’t blame anyone for not wanting too) – companies like Mozilla dropping feed support from their browser doesn’t help either

    anyway, i am certainly in favor of tag feeds

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    This is slightly related, but I’ve started a thread on using Publii’s RSS function for podcasts in the new forum: