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Download not allowed after expiration.

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    Hello Support,
    I purchased the full bundle one year ago.

    I know that after the expiration I am not allowed to get any future update, but currently I cannot download the themes even in the version was there when my subscription what active.

    What Can I do in that case?
    I had the files on an old laptop, I cannot retried them anymore.

    Do I need to renew the subscription to obtain the old files?

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    As far as I know – you should buy a new subscription to get access to the files again. Also most probably it is not possible in an easy way to prepare a bundle which will be in a state when your access expired, because bundle files are regularly updated.

    To avoid such situations in a future – I strongly recommend to make a backup of such files on a separate device/disk/cloud service – I do it for any paid extensions which I buy 🙂