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easy fonts

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    I went through the very interesting thread:

    It’s a bit too technical for me though, and might be superseded by the docs:

    Splendid fonts are self hosted automatically 😀

    However, there is this one font I’d really like to use which is not in the list 😯

    Where should I put the font file for it to be shown in the section: custom settings > fonts


    Avatar photoBob
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    [anonymous] wrote:

    Check out this doc

    And I did look at that page … 😯 How could I have missed it! Thank you!

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    I presume from what I read when a font has italic, bold, bolditalic and regular versions one uses the regular version only?

    Additional question: how does one find the font weight? I think I understand “regular” is normally 400 and “bold” is normally 700, but I am way out of my depth here!

    Avatar photoBob

    Read a bit about variable fonts and everything will become clear 🙂

    Variable fonts are a type of font that allows for multiple variations of a typeface within a single font file. This technology enables a significant reduction in file size compared to having separate files for each style. Variable fonts can include variations in weight, width, slant, and other attributes, all controllable via CSS.