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ECONNRESET during upload to github

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    When I attempt to sync my website to github it fails during the upload.  It seems to get about halfway through (“Uploading website (??? of 536 operations done)”) and it fails with the error:

    ” An error occurred while connecting to the server: E1 {“code”:”ECONNRESET”}

    I’m using Publii Version: 0.42.1 (build 16233)

    I checked the log files but all the error logs are empty.

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    Just a long shot / some wild guesses … maybe try switching off your VPN. Or, if you’re using a company network, they might block your access mid-way through a process. If the error logs are empty, maybe the problem is elsewhere. You might need to go through git support. Here’s one link that might help:

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    Thanks for your feedback but I’m not using a VPN.  My connection has been good so far but I just added about 300 posts and it started to fail.

    The doc for Publii with github  “it is not possible to upload a website with more than 1000 files, though this will be increased to approx. 5000 files in later releases.   I checked the site output folder and it currently shows 602 files in 191 folders.  Well under the limit.

    It also mentions a limit of “5000 requests per hour” or   “if a sync has more than 5000 changes at once” but it says Publii will inform me if I hit this limit.

    I wondered if anyone else had run into this…

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    FWIW, it looks like the problem was indeed a limit with GitHub.  I was able to successfully upload the site if I only added about 75 posts at a time.  Unfortunately when I made a minor change to one of the posts it seemed to want to load the entire site again and I got the timeout error again 🙁

    I spent today porting it to google cloud and it seems to be working fine 🙂

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    Is it possible to slow down the API calls, even just manually with a sleep of some sort?