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Editor is cut off, can’t see all menu options or full text

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    Hi all newbie just finding my way around Publii, I love the simplicity of it all, and while I don’t really want to get into coding, I can do a wee bit of customising though it’s been along time since I did custom HTML and CSS  – I prefer to use the simpler editor option, but I like the fact there is an HTML option in the editor

    However I’ve noticed, am  just testing at the minute that I can’t see all of the editor.. it seems offset on the left for some reason (i.e. unnecessary margin on the left, between the stats menu and the editor) meaning the rights side is cut off behind the options menu?.

    I’ve tried at 2 different resolutions but  would appreciate thoughts.. it’s probably me though 😀

    I would post a small screengrab but don’t think I can here?

    TIA, Ax

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    Hi Allixier – could you share a screenshot of your issue? You can try to use “Select file” under post editor 🙂

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    Hi Tomasz, thanks for the response

    sorry for not getting back sooner, I figured out to toggle the settings menu off until required and that was my issue  as when it’s hidden the editor is perfectly centered 😳


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    Yeah it clarifies everything 🙂 BTW – the sidebar has been open for the first time? Maybe that caused your confusion?