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Editorial 2 Theme error in sidebar editor’s picks at the MORE button

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    Avatar photoeric81766

    It can be seen in the theme demo page

    scroll down to the sidebar Editor’s Picks

    Nostra Torquent Platea
    Aenean ornare velit lacus, ac varius enim ullamcorper eu. Proin aliquam facilisis ante interdum congue. Integer mollis, nisl amet convallis,…

    the photo of the post links to

    the title of the post links to

    but the MORE link of the post links here



    Avatar photoeric81766

    I removed the more button code in a copy of the sidebar.hbs file in theme overrides which removed the broken more button.

    But the rest – image and link to post – seems to work. Good enough for now.

    I don’t understand the code below (what I removed) enough to get why the {{url}} is giving the wrong URL.

    I tried posting the code but it’s HTML and I don’t know how to do that properly – gonna try as an image


    Avatar photoBob

    It’s not a bug. The Editor Pick’s section shows two news, and the “more” button takes you to the Editor’s Pick tag page.

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    Avatar photoeric81766

    I see what you’re saying.
    I thought it was the MORE button that’s under the post snippet preview, but it’s actually a MORE button for the section.

    on the sidebar, the MORE button under “Nostra Torquent Platea” and its text snippet goes to the Editor’s Picks page.

    But on the main page the same looking MORE button

    under “Facilisis Cum Nunc” and its text snippet goes to the Facilisis Cum Nunc page

    under “Ac Vitae Laoreet” and its text snippet goes to the Ac Vitae Laoreet page

    so I thought the MORE button was related to the post and snippet above it.

    To me it’s a bit of confusing UI since it seems inconsistent to me.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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