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(Efficient) Theme development

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    Hello Publii Developers!

    Is there someone here who has experience in theme development with Publii / Handlebars?
    I wonder: what is the most efficient way in editing an existing theme?

    As I understand the workflow is as follows:

    1. You edited the HTML / CSS code.
    2. You compile the code with Publii.
    3. You look if the result is as expected.
    4. You edited the HTML / CSS code.
    5. You compile the code with Publii.
    6. Etc. Etc.


    • Is there a command that I can use to compile the code instead of using the Publii interface?
    • When you compile the code with Publii the webpage it’s opened in a new tab every time. Can I configure Publii or the web browser in such a way that it’s opened in the same tab all the time (I don’t think so but maybe I’m wrong)?
    • How did the theme developers of Publli develop the themes (efficiently)?

    If someone knows a good page on the internet that describes the development of a theme for a static webpage; you are welcome!



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    Can someone tell me the process of creating and/or adjusting a Publii theme?

    For me this is important because it’s a real deal breaker for me. If it’s not easy (in the context of efficient) to create or edit a theme for Publii then I will start looking for another CMS.

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    Not familiar with theme development but found this at GitHub

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    [anonymous] thanks for the link!

    Tonight or tomorrow I will try editing an existing theme!

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    I started adjusting the starter theme and I have to say that’s easier then I thought.

    The workflow is the same as editing a PHP website. The only difference is that you have to click on ‘Preview your changes’ in Publii instead of pressing F5 to see your changes.

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    Yes, it is easy. Even being a non techie, i found this template easier to read and understand. And of course the documentation is really good. The only thing is that I need to click multiple times to see the changes, and every time I get a new Mozilla/chrome tab after hitting “Preview Changes” button.

    I am sure there is a better way which I am not aware

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    “I am sure there is a better way which I am not aware”

    I’m quite technical but I also do not see another way.

    I don’t think we can force the browser to open a certain page in the same tab/window every time.

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    There is a discussion about these multiple tabs opening on Github Publii app. But seems like people are not worried about it. So, that’s okay. Live preview is something devs are not worry about for now. That’s okay. We can work this way 🙂

    Overall, I am satisfied so far 🙂

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    I’m afraid there’s no other way to speed up the whole process, especially rendering. I can not promise when exactly, but this year we would like to create a special app that helps and will definitely make the theme building process more comfortable.