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Embedded video problem

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    OS: Kubuntu 20.04

    Publii version: v.0.38.3 (build 14238)

    Theme: Technews

    I seem to have a problem embedding videos. If I do a local preview they are fine but when the site is uploaded there is a blank box with “No video with supported format and MIME type found”.

    I have tried different browsers and operating systems, mpv instead of webm, making the file sizes smaller, wrapping the video tags in <figure class=”post__video”> and probably quite a few other things I can’t remember 🙂 For some reason I am stymied.

    For example on this page the first video is touristtrap.webm which is there if I put in the full URL but on the page it doesn’t show.

    The code in HTML view is,

    <video width="100%" height="auto" controls="controls"><source src="media/files/touristtrap.webm" type="video/webm" /></video>

    Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


    Maybe your remote server does not have the mime types set for webm or mkv? Try with mp4 and see too.


    Maybe your remote server does not have the mime types set for webm or mkv? Try with mp4 and see too.

    Nope, no luck there but it’s a good thought as it is on lightspeed. I’ll put it on a clean Apache server and see what happens there.


    @masonbee – It’s not your host.. after reading your post I thought I would try it on mine with a rather small mp4 file. It didn’t work, I then thought I got to be doing something wrong, so I took to option 2 and I opened up a blank html page in a different program and coded to view a html5 player myself and if I do it myself I can get it to run on my current web host but through publii for some reason it doesn’t work

    However I thought I would dig deeper and because of having super slow internet I thought I would use your video (hope you don’t mind) since it was already on a server and I found your solution…

    Right now you have it coded with the source for this: media/files/touristtrap.webm
    What I’ve learned about Publii is it requires a full URL so go back into publii where you have your video and change your source to this:

    I just tested it on my publii and I had your video play for me, like I said I felt the need to use yours cause my internet is slow but it was just merely for testing purposes.


    Awww, it’s perfect. Such a simple solution 🙂 Thank you to you both. I will set this as closed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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