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Error on preview / publish

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    I just downloaded Publii for Windows (10) and wanted to try it out.

    Unfortunately it crashes when I try to preview or publish the site.

    It tells me to check the logfiles, but they are all empty.

    The error message I get is this one on preview:


    And this one on publish:

    Rendering process crashed
    For more information, check the rendering-errors.log and rendering-process.log files under Tools -> Log viewer.

    rendering-process.log and rendering-errors.log are both empty.

    The publish button now reads “preparation error”.

    I tried it with an empty site and with one where I created some posts, doesn’t change anything.

    For publish I set up a git repo with github-pages and generated an API Token, the test connection was successful, the publishing crashes.

    I also tried installing the previous version, which also crashed without logs.
    Starting it as administrator didn’t change anything either.

    Anything else I can try?